English Language Arts

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English Language Arts

ELA Instructional Coach
Jennifer Longbrake: [email protected]

A Note About Literacy

 All of us at Roberto Clemente Middle School understand the importance of literacy. We are here to help your child and you in this process. Below is a list of ideas to help you support your middle schooler's reading journey.
  • Keep up on what he/she's reading.
  • Encourage writing.
  • Provide a good dictionary. 
  • Suggest books from movies.
  • Listen to books on tape in the car.
  • Model reading. Your pre-teen will still follow your reading habits (though they'll never let you know it!).
  • Let your child choose what to read. 
  • Avoid forcing him/her to read. 
  • Subscribe to high-interest magazines;
  • Read the news together. 
  • Be flexible with bedtime and chores when your child is reading.
  • Play games that utilize reading (Scrabble, Boggle, Crosswords).
  • Encourage your middle schooler to read to a younger sibling.
  • Visit the library together. 
  • Find an outlet for your child to write a book review. 
  • Ensure there's a good reading space at home.

For information about the Florida Standards for English Language Arts (reading) please click here.